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Modeling Software Now Offers the "AdvantEdge" of Indexable Drilling Features

Third Wave Systems has added new indexable drilling features to its finite element analysis software, AdvantEdge.

"Our customer-based market focus and commitment was why we identified and invested in the overhaul of our indexable drilling capability," Kerry Marusich, Third Wave Systems President, said. "The ability to understand current capabilities and test new ideas in a virtual environment will result in significant competitive advantages for our customers in the indexable drilling marketplace."

This virtual simulation environment reduces, and sometimes even eliminates, the need for halting production during the prototyping process. The validated, material-specific modeling and physics-based machining calculations within AdvantEdge allow the knowledge-based design and comparison of new tooling.

The Third Wave Systems indexable drilling capability will also include a significant improvement to the automation of meshing parameters to calculate the parameters based directly on the in-cut chip thickness and incorporating interest overlap. This improvement further automates the setup process for users, which allows for less setup time and more time spent analyzing results.

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