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New High Speed Monoblock Milling Cutter Ideal for Innovative Machining of Aluminum Automotive Parts

At first glance the newly developed PCD Monoblock milling cutter MB-X3 resembles a turbo impeller in the LACH DIAMOND high-tech milling cutter line.

The design of this tool, with a maximum number of cutting edges, makes it a reliable and dependable implement for optimum aluminum machining.

The MB-X3 allows feeds up to 40.000 mm/min. and depths of cut up to 8mm with maximum cutting speed. A cycle time reduction of 50 percent and more is possible.

All told, the PCD Monoblock milling cutter MB-X3 for face and square shoulder milling is another success for the "Cool Injection" direct cooling system in combination with the chipbreaker "Plus," which makes the performance of this PCD tool superior.

"Cool Injection-Plus" is recommended for the innovative machining of aluminum in the automotive industry, for example, for engine and transmission housing manufacturing, and is especially suited for delicate components as well. Defects due to chip impact and ensnarled chips are eliminated.

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