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Get A Grip! New Ball-Like Gripper Brings Greater Versatility to Automation Line

Empire Robotics, in conjunction with Universal Robots, will be launching its new commercial gripper, VERSABALL, at IMTS. The two companies will be holding a joint demonstration showcasing their VERSABALL gripper on a Universal Robot on Wednesday September 10th from 9am - 1pm at the Universal Robot booth.

VERSABALL is an entirely new type of end effector. Unlike hard grippers, VERSABALL is able to grip a large range of shapes and types of materials without reprogramming. Its ball-like shape simply envelopes the target object, air is removed from the particle-filled ball causing the particles to harden around the object. The UR arm (in this instance) then can reposition the target object and a small puff of air causes the ball to again soften and release the object.

Universal Robots and Empire Robotics chose to partner at the show to demo how the arm and the gripper are an optimal choice for collaborative robot applications with humans in close proximity to robots. Like the UR robot, the VERSABALL can easily be redeployed on the fly and serves as a way for UR to accommodate manufacturers who have a greater need for versatility in their automation line.

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