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New Metalworking Fluid Provides Superior Tool Life While Eco-Efficient Coolant Technology Reduces Waste By 90%

Quaker Chemical Corporation, a global leader in metalworking fluids, is putting sustainable chemistry into action by helping customers on issues of energy efficiency, waste reduction, safety, and durability through new approaches to coolant and cleaner use.

This year at IMTS, Quaker Chemical will be introducing their high performance metal removal fluids, QUAKERCOOL® 700 Series and highlighting their eco-efficient dual phase technology, 2PAQ™.

The QUAKERCOOL® 700 Series metal removal fluids are mineral oil free micro-emulsions. These products have been uniquely designed for exotic machining and grinding operations on titanium alloy, compacted graphite iron (CGI), stainless steels, and other high nickel-chrome alloys.

In addition, they can also be used for critical surface finish machining of cast and wrought aluminum. Key benefits include superior tool life, excellent short-term corrosion protection, and a lower vapor pressure technology which results in an operator friendly environment.

In an aligned effort, Quaker has developed a new approach to coolants and cleaners which is known as 2PAQ™. This dual phase technology is designed around a lubrication phase and alkaline phase which will perform a wide range of machining and grinding operations on cast iron, steel and aluminum alloys.

The fluid, when used as a cleaner, can also be added to the coolant tanks for top-ups -- therefore it is used twice. This approach can result in as much at 90 percent reduction in waste generation showing savings in water consumption, capital investments in wastewater treatment equipment, and energy and wastewater treatment costs.

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