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2 Ways to Prevent Chatter on CNC Lathes

Okuma's Whitepaper details the benefits of preventing chatter on CNC lathes when implementing two methods that involve spindle speed.

Eliminating harmonics, which can produce tool chatter or poor surface finish, is critical for maximizing CNC lathe productivity. Harmonic Spindle Speed Control (HSSC) and Variable Spindle Speed Threading (VSST) are functions built into Okuma's THINC-OSP CNC control that are highly effective harmonics problem solvers. HSSC and VSST are particularly useful when machining parts with high L/D ratios, thin-walled parts, or thin-walled parts with threads.

HSSC prevents chatter by automatically adjusting variables according to pre-set or custom-programmed parameters.



Harmonic Spindle Speed Control (HSSC)

Historically, machinists have prevented the buildup of harmonics or vibration (chatter) on CNC lathes by manually adjusting the spindle speed control knob. However Okuma users can implement the HSSC function that is built into Okuma's control to automatically adjust machining variables in order to prevent harmonics or chatter. Use of HSSC is advised when absolute accuracy is required when machining challenging parts.

Okuma's VSST allows users to cut threads with reliability, accuracy, and zero scrap.



Variable Spindle Speed Threading (VSST)

Variable Spindle Speed Threading is used heavily in the oil field industry. It enables the operator to use the "spindle speed override switch" during the threading process to manually change the spindle speed without losing the thread pitch. By varying the RPM, the buildup of harmonics is prevented, eliminating chatter and providing a quality thread. VSST allows users to cut threads with reliability, accuracy and zero scrap.

Avoiding scrap caused by harmonic-induced vibration can be a challenge using conventional solutions. HSSC and VSST functions on an Okuma CNC lathe make it easier to achieve consistent surface finishes on parts. This enables users to create manufacturing efficiencies that increase productivity and establish a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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Okuma's HSSC and VSST White Paper

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