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New Wire EDM Cuts Up to 38"²/Hour; Ideal for Aerospace Parts

Targeting aerospace work, as well as other complex parts, GF Machining Solutions will present the new Agie Charmilles CUT 200 Dedicated wire EDM at IMTS.

The CUT 200 Dedicated features a built-in, B-C tilt/rotary table to easily cut complex aerospace alloy components such as turbine disks using C-axis rotation and ± 20-degree B-axis tilt. It also incorporates on-machine, in-process inspection that encompasses a measuring probe and supporting software.

The machine delivers some of the industry's highest levels of speed, performance, quality and productivity -- in addition to the ability to control production costs for manufacturing in the aerospace industry as well as the mold and die, medical and contract machining industries.

To significantly reduce non-cut times, the CUT 200 Dedicated boasts extremely fast axis speeds, integrated collision protection and quick, smart wire threading. The latest generation of Agie Charmilles spark generators allows the machine to cut up to speeds of 38"²/hour (400 mm²/min) and up to 30-degree tapers in the Z-axis height while also minimizing the heat-affected zone in aerospace alloys. Additionally, energy saving functionality and advanced software help reduce operational costs and provide increased system connectivity.

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