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4-Spindle Gundrilling Machine Ideal for Maintaining Thin Wall Sections in Components

At IMTS 2014, Mollart Engineering will be introducing its latest LD4 Drillsprint 4-spindle gundrill, complete with automatic loading and unloading along with in-process monitoring.

This 6-axis Mollart machine produces cooling holes in stainless steel molds having up to 150 cavities. It is configured around a rotary cross table with twin 800 mm pallets for producing holes between 6 mm and 50 mm diameter by up to 1,300 mm in depth. Using up to 150 tools, the machine also finishes water galleries, performs milling, helical milling, thread milling, engraving and creates concentric counterbores and threaded holes for connectors.

The LD4 Drillsprint being demonstrated at IMTS has a capacity between 2 mm and 16 mm diameter by 1200 mm deep with 3 whipguides and counter-rotation to create concentric bores. This is ideal for maintaining very thin wall sections in components. The LD4 can be built in 1-, 2-, 3- as well as 4-spindle versions.

There is a full range of automation available through Mollart including pick-and-place, gantry and robotic systems plus special tooling through Mollart's in-house application engineering team and toolroom.

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