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Heavy Duty Bore Gages Built Roughneck Tough for Large-Part Machining

Sunnen GR-2245/2241 bore gages combine rugged design with precise, reliable measurement to 0.0001" for heavy-duty large-part machining. Standard models are capable of checking bore diameters from 2" (50.8 mm) to 12" (300 mm) and bore lengths up to 24" (600 mm) with appropriate attachments, while special order models can measure bores up to 65" (1650 mm) long.

GR-2245/2241 gages are ideal for energy industry components, such as flow meter tubes, liner hangers, drill pipe, mud pump liners and sucker rod pump barrels. Available with analog dial readout or electronic indicators, the gages feature long wearing, replaceable carbide gaging points to withstand extreme wear conditions with rough workpieces or abrasive materials.

The gages feature patented wear-proof ball cranks for long-term repeatability and retractable or non-retractable gaging points. Models with retractable gaging points prevent scratching of the bore during removal. The gages are designed with a dust/water protection level of IP42 or IP53, and a specially designed Shock-Shield protects the dial from hand heat and jarring to ensure reliable readings.

The gages use adjustable centralizers to ensure proper positioning over the entire diameter range, resulting in accurate centering action, even if the gage is tilted off the bore axis. A simple twist adjusts gaging tension, allowing the head to go smoothly in and out of any size bore. A right angle attachment is available for conditions where the gage is difficult to read or total gage height is an issue. Blind-hole probes allow measurements to within 0.5" (13 mm) of the bottom the blind bore.

Standard dial-equipped gages read out in tenths (0.0001"/0.002 mm), and models with five-tenths read outs (0.0005"/0.010 mm) are also available.

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