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Quick Load Barfeeder Features Changeovers In Less Than a Minute

LNS will be featuring its new Quick Load Servo S3 T Automatic Magazine Barfeeder at IMTS.

The barfeeder loads ¼" to 4 ¾" diameter bar stock in lengths from 4" to 63" (not to exceed overall spindle length). Fully automatic diameter adjustment and other patented features enable 15 second or less diameter changes within the pusher range, and 1 minute or less complete changeovers.

A new, enhanced menu-driven touch screen HMI prompts shape, diameter and part length data entry for automatic changeover adjustments. A unique Parts Library stores data for 500 part programs, and an embedded Web server in the PLC allows the barfeeder to share data with the CNC machine via the LNS e-Connect communications tool.

Live demonstrations will include the LNS e-Connect database and data transfer system that enables a CNC turning machine and an LNS barfeeder to share real-time information, a Quick Load Servo 80 S2 short barfeeder coupled with a Blaze Air Vacuum Unloader, and LNS PowerStream VP variable high pressure coolant system.

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