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Must-See Webinar: How SpaceClaim Fits Into Your Shape Optimization Workflow

SpaceClaim will be hosting a webinar Thursday, June 5th at 1:00pm EDT to demonstrate how quickly and easily its software will remove a geometry bottleneck.

Topological Optimization is becoming more and more popular but it presents two distinct bottlenecks on the geometry side. The first problem is that you need simple geometry to start the analysis. The optimization will be removing all unnecessary areas of the model so the blockier the design is, the better.

The second issue is that once the mass of the model has been reduced, the resulting STL model has to be reverse engineered to pass it back to the CAD team or do further validation runs inside of ANSYS.

SpaceClaim is ideal for the job because it has fast geometry creation tools, both from scratch and when referencing an STL.

To register for the webinar, click below.


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