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New Version of Spindle Pull-in Force Measuring Device Ideal For Smaller Shank Sizes

A new version of the F-senso spindle pull-in force measuring device from RÖHM Products of America is engineered for use with clamping systems for smaller tool shanks including HSK A 25, A 32 and A 40 and steep taper SK [CAT/BT] 30.

Initially introduced for shank sizes from HSK 50 -- HSK 125 or SK 40 -- SK 60, the F-senso device measures the pull-in force of machine tool clamping systems, making it possible to detect changes in force before they affect machining quality.

Fitted with adapters for HSK or steep taper shanks, the F-senso device is pulled into the spindle taper of the machine tool and provides an exact measure of pull-in force. Force readings cover a range of 0 -- 15 kN (3,370 lbs.).

The adapters are contoured to permit use with a machine's automatic tool changer, and a revolving ring with a scale makes it possible to simulate the tolerances of the tool and the machine spindle over a wide range.

User-friendly features of the F-senso device include the ability to automatically save the last displayed reading for reference, and extended operating times provided by a 9V battery.

The pull-in force of a spindle's tool clamping system has a crucial role in processing quality and safety. The new compact F-senso design makes it easy to monitor and detect changes at an early stage and take any countermeasures necessary.

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