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2+2+2 = Power Chuck Ideal For Clamping Deformed Components

SMW Autoblok will be featuring the SJL 6-jaw (2+2+2) Equalizing Chuck at IMTS 2014. This high precision power chuck is ideal for clamping deformed components while providing the flexibility to hold work pieces as a true 6-jaw self-centering chuck.

Specifically designed with a centrifugal force compensation system, this feature reduces the effects of centrifugal force, allowing for higher speeds and feeds, vastly reducing production time.

The 2+2+2 equalization capability ensures that all six jaws are in contact with the work piece at all times, thus minimizing any deformations or inaccuracies of the component, making it ideal for clamping raw materials.

The 6-jaw self-centering option, however, utilizes a concentric clamp with all six jaws, allowing it to hold round, machined diameters and thin-walled work pieces with equal wall thickness.

Available in tongue & groove as well as metric serration options, the SJL chuck is available in sizes ranging from 225 to 400mm.

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