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Humorous New Video Shows How to Be Efficient With Your Tool Data Management

TDM Systems, a manufacturer of tool and resource management software, has launched a new video to help explain how efficiently and intelligently the company's software can support the entire tool circuit from the planning up to the machine. TDM (Tool Data Management) software is an integrated solution for data acquisition and managing the array of tools, tool assemblies, fixtures, and set-up equipment confronting today's manufacturers.

In a little over three minutes, the humorous and entertaining video takes the viewer through a real world situation for tool management from programming to production.

The challenge presented in the video is an urgent "end-of-day" order from a customer which entails that an NC programmer adjusts machining parameters and tooling needs in order to meet an order due the next day.

By searching through TDM for the appropriate tooling he is able to quickly create the data set needed and to select the correct cutting tool to successfully complete the project.

Through the use of sketches and animation the video explains simply the entire process for this one particular application and serves as an example of the efficiency of the tool data management system from TDM Systems.

"We wanted to create a platform which our customers can benefit from in their everyday work, and have a little fun in doing so," explains Daniela Rudolf-Steinhart, Manager Marketing and PR at TDM Systems, "Sometimes the simplest approach is the best approach."

To view video, click below.


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