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Sneak Peek at Next Generation CNC Programming

Attendees at the 2014 GibbsCAM International Reseller Conference were given a sneak preview of GibbsCAM 2015, including a look at GibbsCAM UKM (Universal Kinematic Machine), a next generation, open-machine architecture release of GibbsCAM.

UKM allows for programming, post processing and machine simulation of both the latest generation as well as future generations of multi-axis CNC machines. GibbsCAM UKM represents a dramatic improvement in the flexibility of programming a wide range of machines, whether Multi-Task Machines, Swiss-style, or 5-Axis mills with rotary and right angle heads. Improvements extend to include tooling, fixturing, simulation, and post processing, as well as optimized toolpath for maximum machine throughput.

The GibbsCAM UKM system is not lathe or mill-focused and it programs multiple-flow toolpaths, simulates and creates postprocessors for any machine configuration.

"One of the problems we have is we're addressing a problem that the market is not particularly educated on," said Bill Gibbs, President, Gibbs & Associates. "A lot of our customers do basic milling and turning. Every release we put out is divided between doing basic improvements and future technology updates."

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