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Next Generation Waterjets Offer Faster Cutting Speeds and Streamlined Abrasive Hopper Designs

OMAX Corporation has launched its next generation MAXIEM machines. Now categorized as JetMachining® Centers, these significantly advanced versions pack even more productivity enhancing features that will further increase output and boost profitability.

The most recent versions feature updated linear drive systems, an innovative Z-axis core with optional multi-axis cutting heads and the lowest ceiling height in the industry, along with several additional machine enhancements.

MAXIEM machines are equipped with OMAX's Intelli-TRAX™ linear drive system that utilizes brushless servo motors, integrated servo drives and high precision linear encoders that provide constant and continuous feedback on the actual cutting head position. In addition to increased part cutting accuracy, the advanced drive system delivers much faster and smoother motion.

OMAX configures the next generation MAXIEM with an all-new universal Z-axis core equipped with a precision MAXJET® 5 nozzle. This completely revamped universal Z-axis design with an updated modular head interface features 12 inches of controlled height travel. Its innovative design allows users to easily switch from a simple fixed cutting head to the versatile A-Jet® multi-axis cutting head in a matter of minutes.

MAXIEM machines build on OMAX's 20 years of direct-drive pump technology with the 50,000-psi pump that includes Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technology for precise cutting pressure control. The pumps deliver more cutting power per kilowatt than intensifier-type pumps and are available in 20-, 30- and 40-horsepower versions for MAXIEM machines.

The new all-in-one Windows® 8 controllers on the MAXIEM machines come pre-loaded with the OMAX Intelli-MAX® Software Suite and feature large 23-inch display screens that provide easy viewing of part files and tool paths. The Intelli-MAX software makes it easy to generate complex geometries and produce quality parts from virtually any type of material. The software is extremely user friendly for both the novice operator and the skilled machinist. The software also features Intelli-VISOR®, OMAX's system monitoring for predictable machine maintenance capability.

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