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CNC Router Designed for High-Speed, Heavy-Duty Machining

MultiCam offers a solution for heavy duty machining with its 5000 Series CNC Router.

The 5000 Series CNC Router is designed for high-speed nested-based cabinet production and other CNC routing applications requiring a heavy-duty machine. Standard features, such as the precision ground helical rack, digital AC servo drives (2200 IPM rapid traverse), a heavy box frame design and 25 millimeter linear bearings, provide virtually vibration-free cutting. In addition, the 5000 Series CNC Routers include standard vacuum tables and vacuum pumps tailored to the specific application.

MultiCam's 5000 Series Router is available in widths up to 10 feet and lengths up to 60 feet with various spindle configurations and functional options, such as the gang drills and aggregate heads that are commonly utilized in woodworking, plastics and non-ferrous metal machining applications. Another useful option for the 5000 Series CNC Router is the rigid tapping spindle with automatic tool changer.

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