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Leading Developer Brings Breakthrough Cryogenic Machining Process to New Partnership

5ME has been named a Partner in THINC by Okuma America, joining more than 40 technology leaders focused on developing specialized manufacturing systems to increase the competitiveness of Okuma's customers. The consortium works to solve problems and explore new productivity ideas for real-world manufacturers.

5ME brings its cryogenic machining technology, tooling/fixturing solutions and process development, asset monitoring and enterprise software suites to the partnership. The company's unique, multi-patented cryogenic machining process is a breakthrough technology that enables higher cutting speeds for increased material removal and longer tool life by transmitting liquid nitrogen at --321°F through the spindle/turret and tool body, directly to the cutting edge.

This environmentally friendly metal-cutting technology increases throughput, part quality, tool life, and profitability while reducing energy consumption. "Selection as a Partner in THINC gives us the opportunity to include cryo's productivity-boosting, energy-saving qualities in the quest to meet the toughest manufacturing challenges," said Pete Tecos, Executive Vice President of 5ME. "We look forward to collaborating with Okuma and members of Partners in THINC to develop solutions and provide unique value to our mutual customers."

The Partners in THINC program centers on Okuma's PC-based THINC®-OSP control, and each member contributes specialized equipment and/or expertise, as well as a commitment to provide the best possible integrated solutions to the end-user. In addition to cryogenic machining, 5ME brings a proven suite of capabilities to the Partners in THINC, solely focused on increasing customers' manufacturing efficiency as a means of building profitable, competitive and sustainable businesses. 5ME solutions address the five critical components of Man, Material, Machines, Methods and Metrics (the "M's") to improve a manufacturing enterprise's efficiency (the "E").

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