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Camshaft Measuring Machine Updated With New Motion Control System

An automatic camshaft and crankshaft surface finish gage for the factory floor which has been upgraded with a new Siemens motion control system in response to broader global acceptance is being introduced by ADCOLE Corporation of Marlborough, Mass.

The ADCOLE Model 1000 Surface Finish Gage provides automatic and repeatable surface measurements on the factory floor. Featuring push button control, an operator can load a part, press one button to start and have all surface measurements such as Ra, Rp, Tp, and Rsk performed in one sequence on main and rod journals and thrust faces.

Built on a rugged platform of structural steel and granite, the ADCOLE Model 1000 Surface Finish Gage uses three stylus tips which are capable of scanning 2,000 points per nm. Users can perform gage repeatability and reproducibility (GR&B) tests, prove machine capability, and qualify production equipment such as automatic polishers. Average cycle time is six minutes and statistical data is maintained using Q-DAS and qs-STAT.

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