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New 'Stallion' Series Turning Centers Offer Speed, Accuracy, and Unique Smart Technology

Eurotech introduces the new Eurotech Stallion series -- the B750 and B1250 machines -- available July 1, 2014. These new machines will be unveiled to the public at IMTS.

The new Stallion series feature Eurotech's legendary speed and accuracy in a turning center with extreme rigidity.

"Eurotech's Stallion B750 and B1250 are bold machines," said CEO Joe Selway, "This series will deliver unparalleled productivity and flexibility for our customers. We look forward to demonstrating the machine's power at IMTS and showing off its unique 'Smart Technology', speed, rigidity, and accuracy."

The Eurotech Stallion B750 and B1250 boast a 12" chuck and a 3.15", 3.7" bar capacity or a 15" chuck and a 4.02" bar capacity; a 16 station turret (all live); 24 or 34 HP sub-spindle; 23 HP live tools and over 5.5 of Y-axis travel standing on its own as the ultimate solution for companies looking for a powerful and flexible chuck and bar machine that is unrivaled in speed, accuracy and ease of use.

"Before Eurotech, our cycle time was 25 minutes plus handling. Eurotech took that to 6 minutes and 50 sec., handling included. That's over 75 percent savings! We are making parts even faster than they quoted." said Troy Jones, Accratronics Seals Corp.

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