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Must-See Webinar Makes Communicating in 3D Easy and Effective

When it comes to 3D modeling and editing, engineers need the ability to choose the best format for the situation to communicate their model designs and edits to others. With that in mind, SpaceClaim will be discussing the different tools that provide for collaboration and communication in 3D during its webinar April 3rd, 1:00 -- 1:30 (EST).

In this webinar, SpaceClaim will show you:

  • LiveReview: Host a live 3D collaboration session right in SpaceClaim Engineer so that all participants can engage and interact with a model at the same time. SpaceClaim is the only company offering a solution like this today.
  • Web Viewer: Share your models with anyone.
  • 3D Markup: Create a document that records the changes made on a model with color differentiation and "is/was" dimensions.
  • 3D PDF: Import/Export 3D PDFs.
  • This webinar is designed to show how SpaceClaim's approach to collaboration makes 3D geometry accessible to everyone.

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