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4-Split 16C Collets Ideal for an Emergency Need in Your Toolroom

Hardinge Inc. has released three new 16C emergency collets. Even with the best planning, emergencies arise when your tool room and production departments require a stepped, odd size or special shape collet. Knowing this, Hardinge has expanded their selection of 16C emergency collets.

The soft face and small pilot hole permit rapid drilling boring or stepping out to the exact size required. Pins are supplied with each emergency collet for precise machining. Emergency Collets are for temporary use when a hardened and ground collet is not readily available. Emergency collets are available at Hardinge, in standard lengths or extended nose lengths. The new 16C E-4 standard emergency collet offers a 1/16th pilot hole, and internal threads for a positive stop.

Extended nose emergency collets permit deeper counter bores when required and clearance for extended work. Hardinge now offers two new styles of the 16C emergency for your convenience. The first emergency is a 16C EN2-4 Emergency collet that offers a 1/16th pilot hole with a 1/2" straight out extended nose. The second is the 16C EN1-4 Emergency collet which offers a 1/16th pilot hole with a 1" straight out extended nose. Internal threads are included in both of these collets for positive stops.

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