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High-Performance Turning Inserts Offer Unmatched Hardness and 250% Improvement in Tool Life

In its on-going effort to offer cutting tools designed to simplify manufacturing processes, Indianapolis-based Nexus Cutting Tools recently unveiled the newest addition to its line of high-performance turning inserts -- Magia LT1000.

According to Nexus, Magia inserts provide unmatched hardness and toughness, excellent for cutting stainless and hardened alloys. Magia inserts feature a specially formulated PVD TiAIN coating that is almost 4X thicker than industry standard PVD inserts.

Mark Frost, National Sales Representative for Nexus, says, "Thicker and more consistent PVD means our inserts last longer and wear more evenly. Our customers average a 250 percent improvement in tool life compared to their other PVD inserts."

According to Frost, Magia inserts increase depth-of-cut and feed rates compared to standard inserts, while providing excellent surface finish throughout the life of the insert.

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