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Vegetable-Derived Metalworking Lubricant Designed to Provide Highest Possible Lubricity in a Water-Based Fluid

QualiChem, a rapidly growing manufacturer of metalworking fluids, has introduced EQO-PURE 452, a new vegetable-based water-soluble lubricant for severe hardened steel and stainless steel machining applications.

EQO-PURE 452 is a heavy-duty vegetable-derived micro-emulsion fluid with extreme pressure additives formulated to improve tool life and part quality while eliminating foaming and staining. EQO-PURE 452 is designed for use in many applications that previously used straight oil, including boring, deep-hole drilling, gun drilling, reaming, roll forming, tapping and threading.

"This new synthesized vegetable-based lubricant is the highest performing water-based metalworking fluid on the market," said Mike Forest, QualiChem director of metalworking. "It offers the performance of a vegetable oil without the heavy residues and emulsion instability found in other products. EQO-PURE 452 forms a stable emulsion and runs exceptionally clean, offering unmatched tool life and long service life. It's proven to give unsurpassed machining performance while maintaining hydrolytic stability."

EQO-PURE 452 is formulated for use on ferrous or non-ferrous metals where high levels of boundary and extreme-pressure lubrication are required. It provides excellent corrosion control for ferrous metals and machine tools. Its bio-resistant qualities result in long fluid life in both central systems and individual sumps without biocides.

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