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Compact Drill Mounted to Robot Ideal for Aerospace Applications

Sugino Corporation has introduced the newest application for its SSV2 Selfeeder™ Servo Series: the capability to mount to robots for complex automated drilling applications.

The SSV2 features a high power motor and spindle speeds from 390 to 20,000 rpm (min-1), providing superior performance in small diameter drilling in aluminum, cast iron and steel. Weighing only 33 lbs (15kg) within a compact 15.5" x 3.9" x 8.3" (392.5mm x 100mm x 210mm) framework, this Selfeeder™ features an impressive power-to-size ratio.

The combination of the high performance motor and compact size makes the SSV2 ideal for automated robot applications in the Aerospace industry and applications where a hard mounted drill does not apply. Not only does mounting the SSV2 onto robots provide increased control and flexibility, but the SSV2 is a standard product available at less than half the cost of some purpose built robot drilling units.

Sugino provides a full line of Selfeeder™ Servo Series units that can be tailored to fit any number of applications.

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