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New Vertical Honing Machine Reduces Price per Part; Offers Capacity from 1.14mm to 80mm Diameter

Specialist honing equipment manufacturer Delapena has launched a new high precision vertical honing machine designed for low to high volume manufacture of parts ranging from small scale to heavy components. PrecisionHone (E3000S) is part of Delapena's latest range of electronically controlled machines that employ Siemens' digital HMI for technically-advanced, high precision honing. It holds tolerances down to a micron, with sub-micron adjustment and has a honing capacity from 1.14mm to 80mm diameter, subject to application.

According to Delapena, PrecisionHone -- which has automation capability -- offers a reduced price per part and is suitable for an exceptionally wide array of applications. Intended uses include many in automotive manufacture, such as turbo housings, con rods, fuel injection nozzles and electronic servos. Plus, it will support production of a broad range of parts such as hydraulic valve bodies, small cylinder liners, valve spools, water pumps and flexure sleeves. Customized tooling and tailor-made abrasives are offered by Delapena to further extend the flexibility of the machine.

Operationally, PrecisionHone supports an optimized process with tolerances and geometries to below 2µ, lapping stages can be eliminated altogether. With quick change tooling, the machine offers reduced cycle time, which in turn reduces work in progress and the associated costs. The control system supports conversational programming via an intuitive touch screen and with push-button, closed door, hands free operation, this allows the machine to be run by both skilled and non-skilled operators.

Innovation in design of the PrecisionHone sees the introduction of a unique spindle system with integral stone expansion, which Delapena says results in stable, accurate and repeatable stone adjustment. The stroking system is capable of standard, short and single stroking for a single pass cycle, adding to the machine's flexibility. Spindle speed is fully adjustable and the programmable feed can be set from 0.1 -- 30 microns per second with incremental feed adjustment from 0.1 -- 10 micron. The feed movement is via a precision ballscrew.

"PrecisionHone capitalizes on the benefits of vertical honing and couples the best of established technology with new innovation to deliver industry-leading results," boasts Delapena managing director, Martin Elliott. "It offers high quality, high performance and, thanks to the operational efficiencies it creates, it represents best value. All in a compact and space-efficient footprint (W:1400mm x D:1670mm, x H: 2600mm)."

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