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Enhanced Design on Manual Lathe Chucks Delivers Adjustability, Force Control and Spindle Protection

The ZG and ZS manual lathe chucks from Röhm Products of America feature enhanced designs that include control edges for adjustability, safety adapters to regulate force and spray water rims that protect machine tool spindles.

The control edges on the chuck bodies allow for fast and simple on-machine scroll adjustments. The new safety adapters on the chucks let users easily set and control clamping force via a torque wrench -- a capability especially beneficial when machining deformation-sensitive workpieces. Located at the upper edges of the chucks, the spray water rims redirect cutting fluids away from machine spindles to help prevent contamination and increase their working lives.

The ZG and ZS manual chucks are available in diameters from 2.9" to 49.2", as well as with a full range of clamping jaw options for all machining requirements. Users can also choose between the Basic (steel body drop forged) and Economy (vibration-damping special cast iron body) chuck versions.

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