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New Roller Conveyance Shot Blaster Offers Significantly Reduced Down Time

Viking Blast & Wash Systems has released its newest blaster in its industrial line of pass-through blasters -- the RT 2424. This new and redesigned unit has a blast width of 24" by 24" tall and brings new efficiency to consumers.

This redesigned unit's blast wheels are arranged to blast leading and trailing edges of the work area. It also incorporates starters with phase loss and imbalance protection. Viking's newest blasters come with zero speed sensors as standard on the driven end of abrasive conveyance shafts, significantly reducing down time when components wear out or fail.

The air intake is very aggressive and allows for application of more air through the abrasive stream, providing cleaner abrasive and a cleaner cabinet. The cabinets are 3/8" manganese alloy. Roller conveyance in the cabinet is made of wear-resistant materials and Viking offers external roller conveyance as optional.

Roller conveyors have variable speed capability as well as reversing capability. The cabinet is lined with replaceable 1/2" thick cast chrome/moly liners giving the highest degree of wear resistance. Most applications are covered by the standard offering, but can also be fitted with a rotary scalping drum, auxiliary abrasive hoppers and 20 HP, 25 HP or 30 HP blast wheels verses the standard 15 HP. This specific unit is equipped with four (4) 15 HP VK Powermax 1500, blast wheels to deliver high volume abrasive at 295 feet per second velocity to clean parts.

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