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New Turning Machine Ideal for Manufacturing Large Quantities of Shafts

Fast processes are required for machining large quantities of shafts. Both the machining process and the loading and unloading must be completed extremely quickly. EMAG's new VT-Series of machines feature self-loading automation and a small footprint. The high performance VT-Series offers machining solutions for shafts ranging from 100 to 200 mm in diameter and 400 to 1050 mm in length.

Four axes, short travels, and a powerful main spindle are the strengths of the VT 2-4 turning machines. The full impact can be best felt where the component batches are large. Of decisive importance in the use of these turning machines is the "two-sided" machining process, which massively reduces the machining time on the VT 2-4 turning machine.

Flexibility is guaranteed with the use of two tool turrets with eleven stations each, all of which can be equipped with turning tools and driven tools. Automation is fully integrated on these turning machines.

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