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Modular, Multi-Part Clamping System Provides "Anywhere" Positioning on Tombstones and Fixture Plates

Lexair's modular CIVI Rail workholding system boosts the productivity, accuracy and repeatability of horizontal machining centers, providing multi-part clamping in virtually limitless configurations on tombstones and trunnions.

A unique V-jaw design pulls parts down against the parallels and a 60-degree angle on serrations provide more clamping surface for a sure hold on high-value parts. CIVI Rail can be used as a vise on existing machines, mounted vertically or horizontally on a tombstone or with a trunnion, providing flexibility and the ability to produce better parts, more efficiently.

The system includes interchangeable bases, moveable jaws and fixed supports. Bases are available in standard lengths from 10" to 24.8" (250 mm to 630 mm) and 2.4" or 3.5" (60 mm or 90 mm) widths, and include one fixed support. A 1.5-inch (38-mm) jaw can be used on the 2.4" (60 mm) rail for clearance around all sides of the part.

The CIVI Rail vise offers, as an option, the patented self-locking CLAK parallel system, with a dual-pin, ball-detent design, that snaps the parallels into place and keeps them there. The CLAK system allows for quick-change of parallels and jaws, making part changeovers and size changes quick and easy. Rail serrations are spaced 0.10" (2.5 mm) apart for greater precision, and a scale machined into the side of the rail provides easy relocation of jaws and faster setups. Guarding and seals on the jaws keep chips and fluids out of the ramp system to protect system components. All components are precision hardened and ground.

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