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Massive Big Bore Turning Centers Designed for Oil Field; Can Cut 36 in. Diameter and 216 in. Length

Hwacheon Machinery America has introduced a line of large turning centers specifically for machining large oil field components, called Big Bore, based on its successful Hi-Tech 550, -700, and -850 horizontal turning centers. Each turning center offers best-in-class spindle torque, permitting productive cutting in tough material up to 36 in. diameter and more than 216 in. in length.

The new Hi-TECH BB & BB+ turning centers feature through-spindle holes from 7.08" to 14.57" in diameter for large pipes. Maximum cutting diameter on the Hi-Tech 850BB is over 36 in.-- best in its class of machines. Large air chucks can be fitted at the front and back of the spindle. Specifically, the range is: HT-550BB with a 7.08" through-spindle hole; HT-700BB offers 7.08" BB+ 11.61"; and HT850 has 11.61" with BB+ at 14.57". Spindle noses: ASA A2-15 to A2-20. Long bed versions of the centers are available from 84 in. to 216 in.

The 4-speed automatic transmission system allows low-speed, high-torque turning as well as high-speed machining. Ultra-precision recuperative cylindrical roller bearings and the multiple thrust angular bearing have been incorporated to enable hard turning of tough alloys. The spindle may be geared down for extra torque to process a wide range of materials. All machines feature Hwacheon's heavily ribbed torque tube design.

All BB turning centers are built with integrated bed frames of fine grain meehanite castings to minimize heat distortion. Plus, all guide ways are designed as solid box guide ways to maintain rigidity and precision even during prolonged, heavy operations. In addition, Hwacheon's advanced thermal displacement control prevents deterioration machining tolerances due to thermal displacement. A jet of lubrication is constantly applied to the spindle bearing for lubrication and cooling, prolonging machine life and the machining precision.

Designed for Heavy Duty Cutting, Deep Hole Machining

Other features of the turning centers make them the ideal choice for cutting large parts. These include the best specification servo turret in its class, largest turret width (13 in.) in its class, and a boring bar capacity to 31 in. In addition, the turning centers can handle multi-tasking machining with a Y axis head with stroke of 9 in. and rapid positioning speed of 10m/min.

Heavy-duty bearings in the turning center's tailstock assure a high degree of precision even after prolonged heavy-duty turning on large, heavy workpieces. Machines also feature a 20,000 kg clamping force. Quill diameters range from 120mm to 160mm housed in a rugged built-in quill structure. The large steady rest capacity is 20 in. An air chuck is optional.

Each turning center is controlled by the Fanuc 0i control with Manual Guide i. Manual Guide i is a dialog-based programming system, allowing even a beginner to write an advanced program by following simple dialogs and menus. The data can easily be used to present a 3D model of the work and process, providing the operator with the preview of the actual outcome.

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