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12-Axis Turn/Mill Cell Handles the Long and Short of Gun Barrel Machining

The Eurotech Trofeo 12 axis turn/mill cell offers legendary speed with the Eurotech superior ladder logic; the 2 axis gantry parts evacuation system that delivers a zero cycle interruption (two tools in the cut while part is picked up) and evacuates parts without any issues; and the 2 axis ClearshiftTM subspindle that allows for interference free machining, thus decreasing cycle time, easier and safer setups.

Eurotech recently demonstrated the cell at the 2014 Shot Show in Las Vegas. Engineers showed attendees how to manufacture their own parts at the best ROI possible or subcontract to specialists who use the advanced technology.

To watch videos, click below.

Long Barrel Machining

Pistol Barrel Machining

"1 and Done" AR-15 Bolt

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