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Tooling Manufacturers Combine to Provide More Cost-Effective Solutions for Cold Heading and Screw Machine Operations

PennTool™ Group (Shelby, MI), an operating unit of PennEngineering® (Danboro, PA), has acquired the assets of Precision Industries, Inc. (Providence, RI), it was announced by Mark Packard, National Sales Manager for pennTool. As a result, all existing and new orders for products and technologies previously supplied by PI will be handled exclusively by pennTool Group. All commercial business operations for Precision Industries ultimately will relocate to the existing pennTool Group facility in Michigan.

PennTool Group, organized in 2013, specializes in developing cost-effective precision tooling for cold heading and screw machine operations and supplying precision machined parts for fastener and component manufacturers across industries. Low-cost, high-quality manufacturing is performed at their production facilities in Asia resulting in fast quote and production turnarounds and competitive global pricing anywhere in the world, whether for blanket order programs or for small sample lot and production orders. The company offers a comprehensive product portfolio and a wide range of process capabilities fully supported by accredited and certified laboratory facilities.

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