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New Blast and Wash System Designed for Hard to Clean Aftermarket Applications

Viking Corporation announces the release of its newest washer in its line of industrial washers -- the CBW1212. This new and redesigned unit has a 12" wide by 12" tall washer zone on a chain mesh belt conveyor.

This redesigned unit is designed specifically for hard to clean aftermarket applications but can easily be configured to standard manufacturing applications. Belt flow speeds are adjustable from 2 -- 20 feet per minute on continuous pass through basis.

The cabinet is made of 12-Gauge powder coated steel, and can be optionally made with stainless steel. The spray bar arrangement includes 2 spray bars overhead and 2 spray bars under the top plane of the belt for maximum coverage.

The same spray bars will provide side spray for 360 degree coverage. The unit also includes a 7.5 HP reservoir-mounted vertical centrifugal pump with 125 gallon per minute capacity at 65 pounds per square inch pressure. The pump has no bearings, seals or gaskets to replace.

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