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New Gear Inspection System Provides Faster Cycle Times and Ergonomically Mounted Operator Work Station

Gleason is introducing the 300GMS® Analytical Gear Inspection System, designed for the complete inspection of automotive transmission gears and other smaller gears, gear cutting tools and non-gear parts. This latest addition to the GMS Series of inspection systems (with models available for gears up to 3,000 mm in diameter) was developed specifically to meet the needs of the world's leading automotive, aerospace and other like-size gear producers for a faster, more economical solution for complete gear and even non-gear parts inspection.

It is the first GMS to feature the new Windows® 7-based Gleason GAMA™ 3.0 applications software suite which, like its GAMA 2.0 predecessor, offers users a highly intuitive user interface and simple input screens for programming of workpiece and cutting tool data. Those features, combined with ease of setup, a .NET control system, and movement optimization, reduce the cycle times required for the complete inspection of almost any gear or gear tool.

The 300GMS also features a Renishaw® 3D probe head to provide maximum accuracy and flexibility for the complete inspection of all kinds of gears and gear-cutting tools and, in particular, finer pitch gears.

The 300GMS is equipped with new ergonomically mounted operator workstations and an Advanced Operator Interface -- both designed to greatly improve the operator's effectiveness at every stage of the inspection process.

The Advanced Operator Interface puts a number of powerful tools right at the operator's fingertips, including a 'weather station' to record temperature and humidity, and video telephony, note pad and voice mail messaging capability, enabling the user to capture video, describe a particular programming issue and transmit it over the web to others in the customer's organization or to Gleason for support.

In addition, the 300GMS, like all the systems in the GMS family, offers users the ability to meet a variety of inspection tasks beyond just gear geometry on a single platform, including surface finish and form measurement and even prismatic (CMM) measurement.

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