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High-Performance, High-Value 5-Axis Machining Center Produces Accurate Aircraft Parts in Single Setups

Mazak is introducing a new VARIAXIS j-500 5X vertical machining center that offers high-value simultaneous 5-axis and Multi-Tasking capabilities for productively and accurately processing aircraft parts.

The VARIAXIS j-500 5X provides cost-effective and efficient single-machine part processing in titanium, hard metals and aluminum via fast, powerful high-rigidity spindles as well as a high-accuracy rotary/tilt table. And through its Multi-Tasking capability, the machine further reduces production lead times, improves machining precision and lowers operating expenses.

The VARIAXIS j-500 5X comes standard equipped with a 12,000-rpm, 15-hp, CAT-40 milling spindle, with a high-speed 18,000-rpm spindle available as an option. An 18-tool magazine provides fast tool changes to keep spindles in the cut and reduce cycle times. And unlike other vertical machining centers, the VARIAXIS j-500 5X changes tools without having to return its table to the home position, thus further reducing cycle times.

An 1,181-ipm rapid traverse rate in the X, Y and Z axes further shortens non-cut times, while the machine's high-precision rotary/tilt table provides an A-axis (tilting) rotation of -120 degrees to +30 degrees and a C-axis rotation of ±360 degrees, both in increments as small as 0.0001 degrees. Machine travels measure 13.78" x 21.65" x 20.08" for the X, Y and Z axes, respectively.

The machine's table size is 19.69" in diameter x 15.75" and accommodates workpiece diameters up to 19.69" and heights of 13.78". An optional two-pallet changer provides simple automation and increased production by allowing workpieces to be loaded and unloaded while the machine spindle works uninterrupted.

The user friendly MATRIX 2 control on the VARIAXIS j-500 5X incorporates the latest CNC technology to optimize 5-axis machining and provide extremely fast processing speeds, excellent cornering, superior part surface finishes and reduced cycle times.

"Whether it comes to producing airframe structures, jet engine parts, landing gear or systems control components, Mazak has a total manufacturing solution that can help aerospace and defense part manufacturers soar above their competition -- all at the lowest possible cost per part," said Brian Papke, president of Mazak Corporation.

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