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New Eco-Friendly Water Jet System Cuts Diameters as Small as .012"

Sugino Corporation has introduced the newest addition to their water jet cutting family: the Katana2 Water Jet Cutting System.

This high precision water jet cutter is ideally suited for cutting titanium, stainless-steel, CFRP and other hard materials such as copper. Utilizing Sugino's newly developed, extra-fine abrasive nozzle, the Katana2 can achieve cutting diameters as low as 0.012" (0.3mm) at pressures up to 43,500 PSI (300 MPa).

With a footprint of only 57"w x 81"d (1435mm x 2050mm), the Katana2 is also eco-friendly, using 60 percent less abrasive materials and consuming four times less power than traditional water jets, thus reducing running costs by 40 percent.

Sugino designs and manufactures all of the nozzles, head units and high-pressure pumps for the Katana2, allowing Sugino to guarantee all after-sales service and support.

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