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Automatic Straightening Machine Integrates DMC Reader, Laser Measuring System, and Robotic Loader Into Gear Shaft Production

Automated and flexible processes are indispensable for the efficient production of gear shafts. The M-AH automatic straightening machine is designed specifically for perfect integration in production processes.

A DMC reader scans the workpiece data and passes it together with the straightening values back to the central computer. The TRILOS laser system measures runout errors on gears during the process. A robot system provides for efficient loading and unloading. The sequence of motions of the system allows for automatic workpiece palletization. With RIVLEX, MAE offers an automatic resetting system that is designed to increase the efficiency of production for a small series also.

TRILOS -- A System for All Tooth Angles

The TRILOS laser measuring system and its runout measurement software are integrated in the M-AH control. While the shaft is rotating, runout errors are precisely measured in the gear teeth: with high resolution and frequency. The advantage compared to conventional measurement with expensive master gears -- the system measures wear-free. A further advantage: the system can be used for all tooth angles of running gears as well as for splines.

Automatic Resetting With Large Differences in Workpiece Lengths

The RIVLEX system is used in M-AH straightening machine for automatic resetting from one batch to the next -- also with large differences in workpiece lengths. RIVLEX axially positions and clamps workpiece supports, measuring devices and anvils. Components that are not needed are automatically "parked out".

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