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New Blasting Turbines Offer 25% Energy Savings and Up to 40,000 Hours of Service Life

Rosler will be introducing their exclusive Rutten Long Life Turbines to the North American market at the 2013 Fabtech Show. These patented high performance blast wheels offer energy savings of over 25 percent Available with Curved-C and Gamma-Y throwing blades, their unique design results in significantly higher equipment uptimes and drastically reduces the costs for maintenance and spare parts.

Rosler's Rutten turbines contribute to a much higher productivity. The patented throwing blades have a very low wear rate and service life of 30,000 up to 40,000 hours in many applications, plus they ensure a highly "fluid" movement of the blast media. Combined with an optimized blast media transfer onto the blades, these blast turbines produce a much higher media flow rate and throwing speed compared to conventional blast turbines operating at the same RPM's and identical diameters. Plus, the Gamma Y throwing blades allow shot blasting in both rotational directions. The overall effect is a greatly improved finish resulting in shorter processing times and lower media consumption.

Another important aspect of the Rutten Long Life turbines is their higher operational efficiency. The specified shot blast results can be achieved with a lower horse power motor, which helps reduce the overall energy consumption.

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