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New 2D Laser Machine Offers High-Speed Tube and Pipe Cutting -- Up to 6,299 IPM

Mazak Optonics Corp. has released a new TUBE GEAR 2D laser-cutting machine with industry-leading processing speeds for tubes and pipes.

The TUBE GEAR's high-speed capabilities for thin-walled applications offer increased efficiency and a significant reduction in cost per part compared to similar tube and pipe cutting systems.

Available with a 2.5kW or 4kW resonator, the TUBE GEAR can process round and rectangular tube and pipe with diameters of up to 6 inches. It has a standard 5" Servo Focus torch and can make cuts at a rapid traverse rate of up to 6,299 IPM.

The TUBE GEAR is equipped with a triple chuck system which minimizes warp and material vibration, allowing for high-accuracy and high-speed processing of material up to 21.3' long. It also includes a bundle material load/unload system which allows for increased throughput for large lot sizes up to 4.2 tons while still comprising a smaller footprint than similar machines.

Other standard features of the TUBE GEAR include an automated lens focal distance measurement system, automated calibration function and a nozzle cleaning system. There is also an optional automated nozzle change system to significantly reduce machine set-up times.

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