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5-Axis Ultra Precision Machining System Can Manufacture Nearly Any Surface Geometry

Precitech, a global manufacturer of ultra precision machining solutions, announces the introduction of the Freeform L 5-Axis Ultra Precision Machining System.

The Freeform L enables the manufacture of nearly any surface geometry. This allows customers to meet current demands for freeform products and to adapt to future market requirements. Precitech has added an innovative vertical axis to its field-proven, large-frame platform, increasing flexibility and precision.

With the Freeform L, customers can diamond turn, micro-mill, micro-grind, and groove non-rotationally symmetric surfaces. Adding this third linear axis gives users the flexibility to produce freeform surfaces which may not be achievable using 2-linear axis machining.

"The Freeform L configuration has the workholding spindle mounted in such a way that heat can be easily removed and isolated from critical machine structures. Furthermore, this spindle mounting improves the ergonomics of part loading and eases spindle realignment for heavy loads. The result is the most precise and easy-to-use freeform machine available," says Dr. Jeff Roblee, Vice President of Technology.

This Y-axis configuration enables a unique auxiliary spindle mount to the X axis. When the vertical axis is not required, the spindle housing can be locked directly to the X-axis carriage top, resulting in diamond turning performance rivaling that of a 2-axis lathe. Customers now have the flexibility of a third linear axis without a sacrifice in performance.

Also available are several thermally controlled enclosure options ensuring accuracy for long cutting-time parts. Options include a thermally controlled upper enclosure and a full thermally controlled room.

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