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New Abrasive Waterjet Robot -- Efficient Alternative to Conventional Machining

WARDJet has introduced the Multipurpose Abrasive Waterjet Robot, a new addition to the WARDJet production floor.

An introduction to the abrasive waterjet robot is one of the topics to be covered at WARDJet's Open House October 23-24.

Robotics industry leader Yaskawa Motoman will give an introduction to robots as an emerging waterjet cutting technology and answer questions related to applications. The Waterjet Robot demonstrations will be at the top of every hour each day. WARDJet team members will cut with 5-axis cutting heads on the showroom Z-Series as well as on the low-cost Emerald Series waterjet.

The Open House offers an excellent opportunity to learn more about waterjets, hear tips for waterjet cutting, and network with other individuals from an assortment of fields.

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