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New Magnetic Encoder Provides Higher Accuracy in Harshest Machine Tool Environments

In the recent past, HEIDENHAIN's ERM rotary encoder series has had great success with installations on machine tools, such as on the C axis of lathes and the main spindle on milling machines. Now, due to the higher demand for accuracy on varying rotary and tilting axes, HEIDENHAIN has developed the ERM 2200 magnetic rotary encoder series with a 200 µm signal period.

Utilizing a smaller positioning error within one signal, the new ERM 2200 rotary encoder series allows finer accuracy requirements to now be met on machine tools. And since the ERM utilizes magnetoresistive scanning technology that is insensitive to contamination, these encoders excel in even the harshest machine tool environments.

Characterized by their compact dimensions, the ERM 2200 series drums are available with an inside diameter of 70 to 380 mm, and the overall height when mounted to the machine is 20 mm. With distance-coded reference marks, the ERM 2280 model only has to move the axis a maximum of 20 degrees during a homing routine to find a referenced position. The ERM 2280 series is available with a 1 Vpp interface and has the capabilities of reaching a maximum speed of 14,500 rpm.

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