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New "Smart Turn" Milling Machine Delivers "EXcellent" Long Term Accuracy

Eurotech has introduced a new Smart Turn machine -- the Smart Turn EX. (The EX stands for extended.)

This machine delivers a unique solution for shafts that require deep hole drilling or boring along with a high amount of milling. The unique feature of this new model is that it can be equipped with a ball screw driven follow-rest along with a ballscrew driven sub-spindle or tailstock. (Delivering exceptional long term accuracy over our rack and pinion style.)

Another unique feature -- if the 400mm standard tool length is not enough, a secondary ATC can be ordered to add (up to 2 or an extended) 500mm long tools.

The Eurotech SmartTurn is a solid box way machine with 40 HP main and 34 HP sub and 27 HP milling head with ATC. In addition Heidenhain scales are standard on the Smart Turn, delivering both the best cutting capability and accuracy of any machine in its class.

To watch video of this machine at EMO, click below.


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