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See How New Tube Laser Can Produce Completed Parts in One Pass

AltaMAR has added the Model LT2012 Tube Laser System to its family of tube laser products. The Model LT2012 is designed to process small round tubes from 1/8 to 3 inches diameter, and square and rectangular tubes to 2 x 2 inch. The LT2012 accepts raw tubes to 12 feet, or 24 feet with an extension option.

The LT2012 Tube Laser System comes standard with a 1000 watt fiber laser from IPG. It is capable of cutting mild steel, stainless, aluminum, or copper. Other laser power levels are available.

The LT2012 can produce completed parts in one process -- end profiles and internal features are cut in one pass -- making it ideal for manufacturing tubular parts. A magazine style in-feed is included as standard so quantities from a few parts to tens of thousands are easily handled. Tube size changeover takes less than one minute. Targeted at medical, electronics, agricultural, and general industrial markets, the LT2012 will provide customers with the excellent flexibility and cut quality of laser cutting.

Built with standard components, the LT2012 is simple to operate and easy to maintain. The controller is based on readily available industrial components and has a touch-screen user interface. Two high-level programming packages are available to quickly and easily generate programs from a print or with imported CAD geometry. Nesting and material optimization program options are available.

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