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EDM's New Cylindrical Drive Technology Delivers No Wear, No Cogging, and No Backlash

Mitsubishi's wire EDM series features a number of improvements over previous EDM models, most notably the revolutionary new Cylindrical Drive Technology.

Specifically, the MV1200R showcases design and engineering improvements including: non-contact cylindrical drive technology, an improved power supply, auto-threading, deeper submerged-wire threading capabilities, and more.

The new cylindrical drive technology offers a simple yet intelligent design concept using a linear shaft motor. Other EDMs built on a linear system are a flat-plate design, which limits the effective magnetic flux to only half of its potential. Mitsubishi's round magnetic shaft creates a non-contact design using the full 360 degrees of magnetic flux. This design delivers no wear, no cogging (inherent in flat plate systems), and no backlash -- all for better energy-efficiency, accuracy, and speed.

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