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New Flying Optics Laser-Cutting Machine Can Accurately Cut Up to .75" in Stainless Steel and .625" in Aluminum

Compared to conventional laser processing machines, Mazak's new OPTIPLEX 3015 4kW Fiber machine significantly increases the productivity of thin worksheet cutting. This increased productivity paired with the efficiency and convenience of a customized Tekmag FMS creates an unstoppable manufacturing powerhouse.

The OPTIPLEX 3015 4kW Fiber laser is designed to process reflective materials with greater thicknesses and at greater speeds than its CO2 counterpart and can cut up to 0.750" in stainless steel and 0.625" in aluminum with impressive accuracy.

The fiber design can also significantly reduce operating costs for applicable material types and thicknesses. The machine uses Mazak's PreView CNC Control which features a user-friendly 15" touch-screen control and automatically determines the required processing conditions for the material prior to cutting.

In addition to its user-friendliness, the OPTIPLEX 3015 Fiber is environmentally friendly. Mazak manufactures their machines in an underground, eco-friendly factory with ISO-4001 certification. Further adding to its eco- friendliness, the OPTIPLEX 3015 Fiber offers an 80% reduction in oscillator and chiller electrical power consumption as well as a 100% reduction in laser and optical path gases when compared to conventional laser processing.

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