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Newly Developed 5-Axis Machining Center Provides High Thermal Stability and Improved Part Quality

The newly developed Hüller Hille NBH 630 5X 5-axis machining center now makes the benefits of complete 5-axis machining available to users that rely on the robustness and productivity of the NBH Series of machines.

High holding forces in the rotary axes allow for a high chip removal volume in roughing and high surface quality in finishing, both in 4-axis machining and 5-axis profiling applications.

The machining center features a comprehensive accuracy package including cooling of the servo drives, ball screw nuts and gears and use of a spindle displacement sensor for determining the position deviation, providing high thermal stability and improved part quality.

With large bearings and high-torque drives in the rotary axes as well as the unique Hüller Hille cassette type tool magazine, the machine offers diverse options for use, from light metal to titanium, inconel and hard cutting. An optimized work space as well as the optimization of interference conditions create the perfect conditions for 5-sided machining.

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