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New Chlorine-Free Coolant Ideal for Machining Aluminum

Wallover Oil Company introduces WS 8800 Machining Coolant. WS 8800 is a high performance, chlorine-free coolant for machining and grinding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals including stainless steel, titanium, cast aluminum alloys and cast iron. It is particularly effective for machining all alloys of aluminum.

Clear, blue WS 8800 is formulated with the most advanced bio-resistant additive technology to provide the highest level of performance in controlling bacteria and fungus to eliminate odors. Tooling costs are reduced due to the extreme pressure lubrication that extends tool life. In addition, WS 8800 extends sump life and reduces waste disposal costs. This long-lasting fluid makes it ideal for both central systems and individual sumps. Its non-sticky formulation protects against fouling valves and switches.

The low-foaming characteristics of WS 8800 make it ideal for high pressure CNC machining. It offers excellent rust and corrosion protection for the inner workings of the machine tool and rejects tramp oil for easy skimming.

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