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New Power Skiving Machines Part of a Breakthrough Solution for the Skiving Process

Gleason's Power Skiving concept is suitable for the highly productive manufacturing of cylindrical internal and external gears with outstanding gear quality and significant reductions in cost per piece, when compared with the gear shaping process, for example. Gleason's tool concept gives the Power Skiving process unprecedented flexibility and simplicity of process management.

This makes the process for gear diameters up to 700 mm, swing diameters up to 850 mm and modules up to 8 mm equally suitable for small lot production runs as well as mass production.


The productivity benefits and resulting benefits in terms of cost per piece make Gleason's Power Skiving process a viable and cost-effective alternative to gear shaping and in many cases to other soft-machining processes, such as hobbing and broaching.


The gear qualities which can be achieved by the Gleason Power Skiving process are substantial and superior to other soft-machining methods. Modifications to profile and tooth trace can also be very easily applied, resulting in new opportunities and applications, especially in cases where other manufacturing technologies are approaching their limits.


The process control is very simple and is supported by a dialog menu in the control unit.

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