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New Gear Cutting Live Center Guarantees Accuracy to ±.00005

American gear manufacturers have traditionally used an imported center for hobbing, cutting and grinding. Many of these companies have expressed their preference for a source of American-made centers with comparable quality, lower cost, quicker delivery, and faster turnaround on repairs.

Riten Industries now offers its "Raptor" series, specially-engineered live centers that are available for immediate delivery through its extensive distribution network. Concentricity is well within standard industry tolerances, and purchase costs are well below that of the imported product. Repairs are made in the U.S, with turnaround times as little as two weeks. Accuracy of Raptor centers is guaranteed to ± .00005. They are designed with a small shell diameter to provide extra tool clearance. Models are in stock with standard and extended tracer points, in 3 and 4 Morse Taper. A 2 Morse Taper will be available in late 2013.

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